BAfM – here to help Friends, volunteers and supporters of museums, galleries, churches, historic buildings,
industrial heritage sites, transport museums, ancient monuments, memorials, social history and many others.

The British Association of Friends of Museums

BAfM is an independent organisation established in 1973, for Friends, volunteers and supporters in museums, galleries and heritage sites representing 200,000 Friends and Volunteers across the UK. It offers a friendly and practical network of support from people with first-hand experience of running Friends organisations, acts as a clearing house for common problems and their solutions, and is a central source of information about Friends for Friends.

BAfM has links with a variety of organisations such as the Department for Culture, Media and Sport;  the Museums Association; the Association of Independent Museums;  the Heritage Alliance; Arts Council England;  the Charity Commission; the Association of Volunteer Managers; and the National Volunteering Managers Forum and is a member of the World Federation of Friends of Museums.

BAfM holds national and regional events and a team of regional co-ordinators are active across the British Isles.  Available material includes a 'Handbook For Friends', a 'Handbook for Heritage Volunteer Managers & Administrators' and a many Information Sheets. A lively journal is produced three times a year, and a highly competitive 'must-have' Insurance scheme is available for members. 

You can read about our aims and history.  Most importantly, this site is for the members and we will be working hard to add useful features.  One of BAfM's key aims is to improve communications between it and its members, but also to help members to communicate, share and help each other.  With your help and contributions, we can go a long way to achieve that aim.

For non-members, this facility will showcase the wide range of activities that our members cover and demonstrate the truly enormous contribution that Friends and Volunteers make to the heritage sector.